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Fees, Scholarships, and Bursaries


Albayan Schools offer affordable tuition fees for all levels of students in both branches. Our financial procedures are adaptable and clear, to ensure every student receives a fair and comfortable educational experience.

Admission fees include:

  • The student’s stationery
  • The student’s insurance.

Payment plans for the annual fees can be made under specific agreement with the accounting manager under the condition that the entire tuition is completed by the end of the year. The payments can be made:

  • Monthly
  • Every semester (every 3 months)

Payment Methods

  • Pay at Albayan Schools
    In Cash (or by check, according to school terms and policies).
  • Bank Transfer:
    Swift Code: BLFSLBBX
    Beirut, Lebanon
Account Number Currency IBAN
016324569001422 LBP LB41001000000016324569001422
016324569001840 USD LB07001000000016324569001840
016324569001978 EUR LB64001000000016324569001978


Kindly bring with you the statement of fees or contact us after making the payment.

Annual Fees are temporarily fixed, no excesses are added throughout the year. Any increase will be due to the amendment of the minimum wage, school services, etc. and such increases are subject to school’s terms and policies. 

All financial matters must be discussed in person at the school and not over the telephone.


Scholarships are financial awards given to students who have achieved academic excellence and gained an A+ final average. Scholarships apply to:

  • Students in Middle and Secondary Levels.
  • Students in Grade 7 & 10 who are exempt from the final exams.
  • Students who achieve “Good” and “Very good” degrees or are ranked in the top ten students on their official exams results receive a deduction of up to 50% consecutively on their following year’s tuition fees.


Bursary requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Applications are means-tested, reviewed annually and focus on the financial circumstances of the family. Bursaries are normally limited to 10% or 15% of the tuition fees.

In general, most students enrolled at Albayan Schools have a sibling enrolled at the same time. Our policy is that the third sibling of two students already enrolled will receive at least a 10% reduction in tuition fee