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Experience is becoming a crucial factor for employers when deciding on the best candidates to fill positions. At Albayan, we welcome interns who are looking for an educational institution where they can gain hands-on experience and expand their academic knowledge.

We accept interns based on the following understanding:

  • The extent to which the intern and the employer clearly understand that there is no expectation of compensation.
  • Any promise of compensation, express or implied, suggests that the intern is an employee.
  • The intern submits a document sealed and signed by the educational institution where they are studying showing the purpose of the trainee target.
  • The intern should bring their schedule and submit to all the school policies throughout their attendance.
  • In order to allow space for more interns, the administration may not be able to provide access to all the classes and subjects requested by an intern.

Albayan Schools will reply to a request for an internship within two working days of the request being received.

At the end of the program, the intern will be handed a trainee attestation for the classes and the subjects attended.