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Students’ uniform must be purchased from the school. Any item worn or brought to school that does not conform to the uniform code will be confiscated and returned to parents/guardians.

Parents are asked to send a note to the supervisor when a child must wear something other than a proper uniform on an emergency basis.

Approved Attire - Preschoolers:

  • The daily light blue and grey uniform.
  • The sportswear.
  • The summer uniforms.
  • In case of emergency, parents must provide alternate articles of clothing, with their child’s name tag.

Approved Attire - All Other cycles:

  • A uniform blue top.
  • The sports uniform (worn only during sports days/activities).
  • Black or blue jeans allowed only (jeans must be plain, with no embellishments).
  • Black or dark blue shoes whether during school days or sports periods.