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Recruitment Selection and Disclosures Policy

Albayan Schools recognize the value of, and seeks to achieve, a diverse workforce.  We are committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of all who work at our schools is conducted in a manner that is systematic, competent, effective and promotes equality of opportunity. 

This document provides a good practice framework to comply with the principles set down in Albayan Schools’ Equal Opportunities Policy.

The aims of the schools’ recruitment policy are to ensure that:

  • The best possible staff are recruited on the basis of their merits, abilities and personal suitability.
  • All job applicants are considered equally and consistently.
  • No job applicant is treated unfairly on any grounds including age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief.
  • Schools meet their commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people by carrying out all necessary pre-employment checks.

When we recruit teaching staff, we bear several criteria in mind and actively seek to recruit teachers who are, or we believe would be:

  • Genuinely interested in students and in the school and its development.
  • Professional in appearance and attitude.
  • Able to devote some of their free non-teaching time to school activities to contribute to our social program.

Applicants for employment are required to complete a confidential application form answering questions about their academic and employment history and their suitability for the role. The school does not accept a curriculum vitae in place of an application form.

The selection process will always include the following:

  • The candidate will be observed preparing and explaining a lesson.
  • A degree in addition to an educational background is essential.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be required to provide proof of their qualifications and professional status by producing documentation.
  • Incomplete application forms will be invalid.
  • Verification of professional qualifications and proficiencies which the school deems a requirement for the post, or which the applicant otherwise cites in support of their application (where not previously verified).

Disclosure Service

Albayan School applies for an enhanced disclosure (information related to work only) in respect to all prospective staff members, governors, self-employed contractors and volunteers.

An enhanced disclosure reveals whether an applicant is barred from working with children or vulnerable adults by virtue of their inclusion on the list of those considered unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults.