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IELTS Program

More than 1,100 test centers around the world administer IELTS. Recently, IELTS Lebanon IDP (a global leader in international education services) jointly collaborated with Albayan Schools. Albayan Schools are now accredited/chartered as a center to register applicants for IELTS internationally. For further information, please visit .

How to register:

You can register for IELTS either in person or online.

To register in person, visit the school and submit an application for the IELTS exam along with:

  • National ID or a passport that is valid for at least 6 months prior to the exam’s date.
  • A cash fee to be paid to Albayan Schools’ accounting department.

Upon completing the application and payment process, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter, support folder, and receipt.

Alternatively, you can complete the application process online at: