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Values and Ethos

Albayan Schools offer private education that prepares students for further education in Lebanon or abroad.
Our vision is to see every one of our students achieve their potential, focusing on their skills and passions to create lifelong learners.

From their very first day at Albayan to the moment they graduate, we are determined to guide and nurture a community of knowledge seekers who grow and thrive daily. Our approach has proven to result in confident, individual thinkers who are a welcomed asset to universities around the world.

Education for All

We believe no child should have to forgo an education due to their economic status. Our mission is to make a private education as affordable as possible, ensuring an environment where students from a variety of backgrounds can grow, evolve and learn together.

Education as a Passion

At Albayan, learning is not something we reserve for the classroom. We help all our students to grow into individual thinkers, who strive for knowledge in any environment. Our mission is for our students to achieve academic excellence and community responsibility by fostering teamwork, confidence and creativity to make them the leaders they will one day become.

Education for humanity

We instill the human values that encourage personal development at the core of our educational curriculum, supporting our students to learn more about themselves and each other.

Our ten most vital values are defined by appreciation, cooperation, courage, determination, friendship, honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, and tolerance.