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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the schools’ starting and dismissal times?

Students must arrive before 7:25 am at the Hadat branch and 7:15 am at the Amrousieh branch. Dismissal occurs in two phases: preschools and cycle 1 stages dismiss at 1:30 pm in Hadat and 1:15 pm in Amrousieh. All other classes dismiss at 2:15 pm in Hadat and 2:05 pm in Amrousieh.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition varies from one student to another depending on the stage of school the child is enrolled in. Fees also vary depending on the number of siblings who are enrolled. Please visit our admissions department in person for more details.

What languages are taught at Albayan Schools?

Our curriculum is divided into two parts with the option of either English or French being taught along with Arabic. Students taking English classes will take French as a second language and vice versa.

What are the hours of operation for your educational facility?

Normal business hours at Albayan Schools in both branches are:

  • Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Saturday from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm

What documentation is required to register my child in the preschool program?

The following documentation is required to enroll a child in our preschool program:

  • Individual Civil Registration extract or a copy of the student’s passport (if available).
  • Medical record including vaccination records.
  • Legal guardian or custodial papers (if applicable).
  • Two or more emergency contacts besides parents (names and phone numbers).
  • Two passport photos.
  • Any special evaluations carried out by a previous school or outside agencies (if applicable).
  • School attestation from previous school certifying student’s registration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, class, and successful completion of the previous academic year.

How old does my child have to be to enroll in your preschool program?

Albayan Schools gurantee preschoolers aged 3 to 5 can be enrolled at school.

  • KG1/PS1: Must turn 3 years of age by January 31
  • KG2/PS2: Must turn 4 years of age by January 31
  • KG3/PS3: Must turn 5 years of age by January 31

Are there any other procedures for the preschool enrollment process?

The student must take part in an interview that will be used to confirm both class level and lateral thinking ability. We will also interview a potential student’s parents to ensure we obtain accurate feedback regarding the child’s abilities and social life.

What documents are required to register a student in the Primary, Middle, or Secondary educational programs?

The following documentation is required to enroll a child in our private primary, middle, or secondary cycle programs:

  • Student's Individual Civil Registration extract and a copy of the student’s passport (if available).
  • Legal guardian or custodial papers (if applicable).
  • Two or more emergency contacts besides parents (names and phone numbers).
  • A discipline report from previous school.
  • Academic records from the past year.
  • Any special evaluations carried out by a previous school or outside agencies, if applicable, must be presented.
  • Academic references from the student’s previous school, if applicable.
  • Medical records including vaccination records.
  • School attestation from previous school certifying student’s registration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, class, and successful completion of the previous academic year.
  • Official exam results for Grade 9 students who are promoted to Grade 10.

Is there an additional requirement for students in Grade 9/EB9 and Grade 12/ES3?

Grade 9/EB9 and Grade 12/ES3 require students to sit official exams (Brevet and Baccalaureate). Completing these exams successfully allows the student to be promoted to either the following year of high school or to college. A certified copy of the official certificate needs to be received at the beginning of the school year (for new students only).

Can non-Lebanese enroll their children at Albayan Schools?

Absolutely! Our schools have obtained a state-licensed credential from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education that allows us to enroll the children of expats as students in our private education institution.

Do the schools prepare orientations to help high school students choose the right major in the right college?

Albayan Schools organize university orientations throughout the school year and works hard to provide greater opportunities for students to be accepted at public and private universities both in Lebanon and across the globe.

Is transportation to your school readily available?

Transportation covers the entire region. However, the cost of transportation will vary depending on how far you are from the educational facility.

What activities are available to students at your independent educational institution?

We offer two types of activities. Curricular activities involve educational themes covered in the classroom. Extracurricular activities include subjects like music and theater along with fun and educational trips.

What food is offered at the school canteen?

The school canteen is certified and is a clean location where students can obtain a wide variety of snacks and healthy foods. All the school’s policies are followed by canteen staff especially proper health practices.

Do all students share the same playground?

There are three playgrounds at Albayan Schools and recess times are on a flexible schedule that allows all students to enjoy a safe and relaxing environment.

When is the best time of year to register my children as students?

Registration periods vary depending on whether a student is new to Albayan Schools or is a returning student. Please consult our website or visit our admissions department in person to learn more.

Is it easier to enroll in the high school educational program if my child has a foreign passport?

You will still need all the documentation required for enrolling in the secondary cycle, but a foreign passport will save time for children of expats.

Can I meet with teachers other than during the scheduled times?

Teachers are happy to meet parents during the times that have been assigned by the school. If you feel you require an urgent meeting, the supervisor can schedule a meeting at the earliest possible date and time.

Can students have their own cell phone at school?

The school administration has determined that there is no need for students to bring a mobile phone to school at any time. However, there are plenty of landlines and mobile devices available on school grounds to contact parents or other emergency contacts if this becomes necessary.

Do all students have to wear the school uniform?

Wearing the proper school uniform is one of the most basic requirements for students. It is important for the educational environment that all students to comply with this request.

Is the school certified for any particular programs? (i.e., TOFEL, SAT, IELTS)

Our private school system prepares students for all these exams. However, we also have the notable privilege of having been adopted as a center for the IELTS registration.

Do you have any afterschool learning programs?

We want to help the students overcome any educational obstacles they may be facing. Whether a student is struggling academically or is facing a special case situation, we do not believe parents should have to pay private school fees in addition to the fees of help from a separate source.

Why should I choose Albayan Schools?

Excellence is more than about being the best. It is about achieving your personal best. Albayan Schools pride itself on offering the highest quality private school education to children in the Beirut area by helping each student reach his or her full potential.

Do you offer scholarship opportunities?

There are a number of scholarships available to students who maintain high averages in school and excel at the official exams.

Are the entrance exam results sufficient for properly evaluating students who enroll at Albayan Schools?

The combination of our time-tested entrance exams, coupled with student and parent interviews conducted by our school staff, have provided us with very accurate evaluation results.

How are medical emergencies treated?

The presence of a school nurse or doctor along with our insurance policy covers all students, as long as the emergency occurs at school.

How are students evaluated in for Grades 4 through 6?

Our latest curriculum provides students with a smooth evaluation process that works by semester evaluation and assessment. This puts less pressure on students than a system that is based on midterm and final exam scores.

Who can I contact for assistance or with any questions I may have?

Each Cycle has a division head who will be happy to assist you, provide accurate feedback, and listen to any concerns you may have.

I am a University student and need to meet observation quotas. What is the procedure for observing classes at your school?

Trainees are always welcome at our schools when an opportunity is available to be an observer. Bring a request from your college, which will provide an adequate basis for approval and an observation period will be scheduled.

Do the students engage in any stage acting?

Yes! We have a theater that allows students to work toward their dreams of acting on stage. This part of the facility is available to students and teachers.

How do the schools react to student injuries?

School aged children are very active which lends itself to the occasional wound. There is also the potential for sports-related injuries for high school students. Though these are rare occurrences, the school is equipped with first aid kits for wound treatment, and our insurance company will cover the medical expenses for students injured on the premises during school hours.

Do you presently have any job opportunities?

Check the ‘Career Opportunities’ page on our website to learn more about employment opportunities at Albayan Schools.

How do I resolve complaints at Albayan Schools?

If your complaint involves an individual teacher or another member of the school staff, please schedule a time to discuss the issue directly with the individual using the parent-teacher schedule that is distributed at the beginning of the school year. If you cannot resolve the issue informally, you may contact the division head. If the issue is still unresolved, you may contact the Head of Divisions or Principal.

How does the grading system work for student evaluations?

We use specific assessments that allow us to accurately assign letter grades to students (A, B, C, etc.)

How often do report cards go out?

Report cards keep parents informed on the progress of their children so that they can support their child academically at home. Report cards are issued 4 times per school year. However, preventive measures will be taken to assist students who are failing by alerting parents before report cards come out.

Are the schools well-equipped with all the necessary learning facilities?

Albayan Schools are very well equipped for independent education. Some of our state-of-the-art amenities and facilities include a science lab, a theater, a computer lab, a music lab, sufficient parking, and three playgrounds.