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Foreign Curriculum (High School System)

Students following the Foreign Curriculum study all the materials of the Lebanese curriculum with the exception that Arabic is taught as a second language. The Head of Division decides each student’s path according to the results they achieve.

When students reach secondary level and complete the three years, they sit the school final exams. Students who complete the exams successfully will receive the Schools’ Certificate of Secondary Education known as High School Diploma (HSD).

During this stage, students will also sit their SAT, which is required for all university enrollments. Our students are guaranteed to score high grades and can apply the techniques required to succeed.

The Freshman Program is designed for all students, Lebanese (with a foreign nationality) or non-Lebanese, who hold a High School Diploma following a non-Lebanese Baccalaureate Program, based on 12 years of schooling starting at Grade 1.

Albayan Schools work with a selection of prestigious Lebanese universities to conduct orientations at the school, introducing the students to all the majors they can potentially apply for. This gives our students an immediate and immersive introduction to a wide choice of universities, while also helping them choose their area of study.