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Extracurricular Activities and Trips

At Albayan Schools our extracurricular activities and field trips promote students’ academic, social, and personal development. Our activities include arts, athletics, theater, wellness, community service and almost any other subject that our students can be actively and productively involved in.

Some of our extracurricular activities include:

  • Sports. Playing on school teams, as part of an intramural team or in a club team outside of school.
  • Community Service. Participating in volunteer work either in the local community, on a national scale, or abroad.
  • Arts. Engaging in projects or performances in visual or performing arts.
  • Academic Activities. Participating in the maths or science clubs or competitions, joining creative writing groups, or being part of the science fair.

Our students have participated in a wide variety of beneficial extracurricular activities and experiences such as LAU MUN (LAU’s Model United Nations), a meditation activity by the Inner Peace Organization and ‘Zyara’, a web document-series that helped students accept others for who they are.