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Hygiene and Cleanliness Policy

A clean environment at school contributes to a healthy environment for the students to learn. It also creates a conducive workplace environment for the teachers. Together this fosters a motivating and nurturing environment in which students can thrive.

Keeping the health and hygiene of children in mind, Albayan Schools adhere to cleanliness regulations according to our policies to ensure good sanitation. Thus, we:

  • Have recycling bins in different corners of the school campuses to ensure cleanliness.
  • Keep the school clean and sterilized and never hesitates to build a safe and clean environment by hiring a cleaning and concierge service company when required.
  • Encourage regular hand washing (after meals, after bathroom use, etc.).
  • Ensure students have sanitary classrooms, playgrounds and bathroom facilities.
  • Restrooms for boys and girls are completely separate, each with one unit that generally has several toilets.
  • Hygiene management facilities include soap, adequate and private space for changing, adequate water access and wastebins.
  • Sufficient group handwashing facilities to allow groups of students to wash their hands at the same time. The handwashing station is simple, accessible and sustainable, relying on minimal water usage. Handwashing facilities are developed using local materials.
  • Sustainable and adequate water access is provided daily for handwashing, food preparation and the school’s maintenance.
  • Maintenance services are distributed across every school floor, offices, playgrounds, and restrooms to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

Additional Notes for Parents:

  • Please keep your child’s nails clipped and maintain a modest hairstyle (avoid using hair gel).
  • Preschool and elementary school students may not bring games or umbrellas to school.
  • Jackets during winter must not be colorful.
  • Umbrellas for high school students are only allowed for those who do not use a means of transport to come to or leave school.
  • Jewelry of all kinds is prohibited.


At the beginning of each school year, teachers use proactive, positive guidance to instruct children on preventing germ transmission through daily routines. Staff provide instruction in large groups, small groups and one-to-one for any children requiring a little extra help. Children are encouraged to learn new skills, so they become confident and independent.

School age children may be ready to use the bathroom alone. But before we allow them to go alone, precautionary measures are always taken:

  • We always make sure children understand the rules.
  • A care provider stays close to the bathroom and checks on children frequently.
  • We make it clear that staff respect their privacy but will come into the bathroom if there is a problem.
  • We teach children using the bathroom alone not to lock the bathroom door to ensure easy access in case of emergency.
  • The bathroom supplies meet the requirements of safety and cleanliness.
  • Unless there is an emergency, maintenance teams survey bathrooms once a week